Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Freedom Campaign needs your help

The American Freedom Campaign has set a goal for itself. We want to expand our
base of online supporters from 38,000 to 50,000 people over the course of the
next month. With this 30+ percent increase, we will enhance our ability to
influence Congress when important bills are under consideration. We will also
be able to activate a larger number of Americans during the upcoming general
election season when the issue of excessive presidential power should be at the
top of the national agenda.

Why should your friends join the American Freedom Campaign -- either by signing
our petition or by signing up for AFC updates on our home page? That's a good
question. This is why (and this, of course, is what they will read when you
forward this E-mail along):

? The American Freedom Campaign was launched less than eight months ago to build
a grassroots movement to help restore the Constitution and reverse the
violations of civil liberties and human rights that have occurred over the past
seven years.

? Over the past few months, the American Freedom Campaign has filled an
important role in Washington by leading the fight to restore our system of
checks and balances. While there are many organizations fighting specific
policies considered unconstitutional, few, if any, are focused almost
exclusively on restraining executive overreach.

? Consistent with its mission to restore checks and balances, AFC aggressively
-- and successfully -- pushed the U.S. House to pass a contempt resolution
against Bush administration officials who refused to comply with congressional
subpoenas. The Capitol Hill newspaper, Roll Call, in an article about the
contempt vote in the House, cited AFC as an example -- in fact, the only example
-- of an advocacy group generating grassroots pressure on House members.

? AFC has also helped inject constitutional balance of powers issues into the
debate over the nation's Iraq policy. As the Bush administration negotiates an
agreement with the Iraqi government to establish the parameters of the two
nations' bilateral relationship beyond 2008, AFC is working with members of
Congress to ensure that no significant commitment is made without the approval
of Congress. Toward this end, AFC hosted a conference call on which Rep.
Barbara Lee (D-CA), joined by two constitutional scholars from Yale Law School,
introduced a resolution expressing the sense of the House that any major
agreement reached without congressional approval will be invalid.

? As the 2008 campaign moves forward, AFC will play a critically important
educational role. We will aggressively push the message that the Bush
administration's dramatic expansion of executive power makes the selection of
the next president one of the most important decisions the citizens of this
nation will ever make.

But if we are going to succeed moving forward, it will only be with your help.
So, please, take a minute and forward this email to anyone you think would be
interested in our mission. We hope they will then either sign our petition or
sign up for AFC updates on our home page:

If you are not able to forward this email along, we hope that you will consider
making a financial contribution to the American Freedom Campaign. If every
person on this list gives just $10, we will be able to dramatically expand our
public education efforts. To visit our donation page, just click on this link:

As always, thank you for your support.


Steve Fox
Campaign Director
American Freedom Campaign and the
American Freedom Campaign Action Fund