Monday, March 21, 2011

Does Memory Lapse Mean Old Age? A Funny Look

Memory loss is associated with getting older. However, it is not always the case. I have had problems trying to find my car in the parking lot since my 20s. My daughter who is in her early 20s (oh, that makes me old) cannot help me find the car when we go shopping. She tends to forget where the car is parked too.

I have several pairs of glasses laid out somewhere around the house. I only need them to see. Often I can not find one pair when I need it for reading. Actually, I rarely wear glasses and they still aren't required on my drivers license. This losing the glasses thing started somewhere in my late 20s.

Just when my husband was barely in his 30s, he called me at work and asked where the coffee pot was. Well, how am I to know that? I am at work. It just so happen that he had placed the pot in the cupboard while in the process of making coffee.

Therefore, you see, memory lapse does not always have to do with age.

In this video found on YouTube, it is about the journey to old age. The graphics are grainy, but I found it funny. Definitely something to relate to.

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JIM said...

I have been having memory problems for umm I can't remember.. My doctor told me not to worry If I cannot find the keys. It is when you cannot remember what keys are that you have the problem.. I started following you

sulekkha said...

I forget things all the time, But I am old :) Jokes apart, it's not age-related,it just happens.Nice post.

Angel Eyes said...

I call it I have put my keys in the refrigerator after food shopping so many times, now its a habbit I look there first lmao

Ann said...

I'm a big list maker--and if I don't have it on my list it doesn't get done or bought or whatever! Great post!

Jenni said...

I have had trouble remembering things since I barely turned 20. In my family Diabetes runs rampant and eventually they diagnosed me as Insulin Resistant. Everything we do effects us; the food we eat, hormones, blood sugar. I would love to remember things but, alas I can't. Guess it won't bother me much when I'm old since I have spent a good 15 years already like this. LOL

realfengshuisolutions said...

I forget things all the time and have been doing it for years. But my take on it is that I'm thinking of so many things at the same time the some things just are sitting in the break down lane. I'll go back and pick them up later.

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Following your very witty blog. I will remember to come back :D